10 Ways to Make Money on the Side

As stay at home moms, we are often looking for ways to make extra money from home. We may even have a job but it just doesn’t pay all the bills. What do we do then? In this post I will try to share with you some ideas for 10 Ways to Make Money on the Side so you can start feeling better about your situation in times where the economy is tough.

One of the great things about making money on the Internet is the fact that it doesn’t matter where in the world you live. You can still find a way to make money from home. While some work at home jobs take a little longer to pay out, others still can make you an income almost immediately.

1. Freelancing

There are many skills you can advertise to make money freelancing. If you are an artist and love to play with Photoshop, you can go to places like odesk or elance or even forums to find advertisements from small business owners who are looking for ecovers to be made for their books or logos for their website, or perhaps banners and ads for marketing their products online.

Writing is becoming one of the preferred choices for extra income and can pay pretty well if you know where to look and have seo experience. You can apply to be a regular writer for some content mills like Textbroker or Demand Media Studios or you can find private clients on freelance sites and internet marketing forums. Or if you want to build up your own name and promote products as an affiliate, you can start blogging with your own WordPress site. This may take a little longer to generate traffic and get sales coming in but if you choose some products that pay a nice commission, you can make as much money as you would like.

2. Doing Surveys

Some people will still argue that this is a dumb way to make money on the side and that it doesn’t generate enough of an income to bother but then there are some people who have stuck with it, put in the time in the beginning to get it all set up and working with many companies and now make several hundred dollars a month. I still do this occasionally and make anywhere between $20 and $200 a month working with 20 companies. Yes, it did take a couple weeks of signing up, filling out profile surveys that didn’t pay out at first but now it is all worth it and I can do them whenever I have free time.

3. Sell your gold

If you are just looking to make some extra money to pay off a bill(like Christmas time sets a lot of us back a bit), then you can sell your gold from a physical location in your town or from a site online. It all depends on what gold is worth at the time but if you have a bunch of stuff lying around that you don’t really wear anymore or no longer like, this is a great way to make back some money.

4. Selling Scrap Metal

This is also a good way to make some money on the side. This is more something that a man may want to do as many times you will need to go out and collect appliances and pieces of odd equipment from people and the side of the road. People often will throw things out because a part is damaged and they don’t know the value of the other parts, or perhaps they don’t have a car to take it to the scrap yard, or even know how to separate the materials to get the most money for all types of metal offered.

5. Mystery Shopping

This is quickly becoming a popular choice for those who love to shop. My sister did this a few times and had fun. You are given a task of going to a particular store or restaurant and ordering or buying something. You then need to write out a report regarding the service you received and the quality of the product you bought. This is how market research companies can inform manufacturers about how the public is feeling about their items or how companies can get a feel for how well their employees are understanding their items and doing their jobs. The pay is pretty good, and sometimes you get to keep the item you were reviewing.

6. Sell Your Photos

My other sister is a photographer and while she still has to work a full time job doing something else, with the ability to sell her photos from online sites she can still feel like she is following her dream. Different sites will set up the royalty rates but most are pretty fair. While you may not be able to make a full time income off your photos, every little bit helps right?

7. Sell Your Crafts

My daughter is an artist who loves to both draw and make things out of various craft materials. There are sites like Etsy where you can sell your stuff, as well as selling in local papers, at craft shows, or from your own website. While this too may not be something that could solve all your financial issues, it is a fun way to both get your name out there and feel good about people enjoying your creative expressions.

8. Sell Your Used Books

I have a ton of used books both fiction and from my school days and now there are sites online where you can sell your books at a reasonable price and free up some space in your home at the same time. Most of these sites will even pay for the shipping which is a real bonus! If you don’t choose to go this route, you could also visit college/university campus’s and see if they are in need of your old textbooks or even sell on Craigslist or Kijiji.com

9. Sell on Ebay

While this has been around for awhile now with most people at least trying it out, it is still a good way to make some money and unload all of your old items. If you run out of things to sell, you could always talk to some neighbors or friends to see if there is anyone who would like you to sell something of theirs. In this way, you get to charge a fee for setting up the auction, managing it and shipping the item out when it is purchased. Selling on ebay is a good side gig for money because you only need to spend a little time at the start, during the week for checking how it is going and for the shipping when it is over.

10. Tutoring or Teaching

There are several ways you can go about this. You can tutor one on one with school age kids, you can teach another language to both kids and adults, you can teach computers and the internet right from your own home, or you can even write a course outline and sell it at places like udemy.com. This is a great avenue for retired teachers or those who love to teach their specialties.

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