Parenting Help forums for New Moms

As a mom of four who grew up in a big family I often didn't think about those who are new to being parents and have nowhere to turn. I recently started spending time on parenting forums to see what other parents are discussing and how I could help if possible. I was lucky to have been raised in a good family with a mom who was home and I learned many things about looking after children by watching and helping my mother with my four younger brothers and sister and a few of the other children my Read more [...]
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Online Freebies and Free Trial Offers

  Online Freebies and Free Trial Offers-Are You Taking Advantage of them? One of the best things we can do as parents these days who are trying to make the most in hard economical times is to cash in on online freebies and free trial offers. One of the best places I have found loaded with free samples by mail, online freebies,or free trial offers is a site called Not only do they have a ton of baby items you can sign up for, you can also receive freebies for Read more [...]
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Easy Apple Pie Recipe

I was looking around today for a recipe that my son and I could do together. I have a ton of apples and thought maybe I would try my hand at making an apple pie from scratch, complete with pie crust. So, I went on the hunt for an easy apple pie recipe and simple crust that my son could help with. I would just like to share what I found because I believe in passing on things that work out well. Besides, there is a lot of chopping and rolling and stuff to do that having that second pair of hands really Read more [...]
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Kids Play Makeup

I've doing a lot of chatting lately with some other moms since it is getting close to Halloween and the subject of makeup has come up. My brother and sister in law have a little daughter who loves to pretend she is a princess and wants to dress up all in glam and glitter this year. But my sister in law is concerned about the cosmetics and makeup that are on the market today. Most of them are chalk full of dangerous chemicals and toxins and can not only cause serious damage to the internal systems Read more [...]
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Kids in the Kitchen Need Their Own Cooking Tools

Kids in the kitchen need their own cooking tools if they are going to learn how to build up their skills and get as much practice in as they can. Curious Chef 27-Piece Foundation Set One of the best ways to get your little chef learning how to use the proper cooking tools in the kitchen is by getting them their own set especially designed for their little hands and bodies. Some people may wonder why bother spending extra money on a set such as this when they could just use equipment and tools Read more [...]
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Best Cornbread Recipe

Good day all. It is Sunday. Sunday for us is a time when family gets together and has dinner. While we have a big family and don't often get to have the whole extended family over unless it is a birthday or celebration, Sundays often mean Grandma and Grandpa are coming over to play. One of our favorite dinners around here that are quick and easy to put together and also makes enough for more than four people is spaghetti and homemade cornbread. Now, I have tried several types of cornbread recipes Read more [...]
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S’Mores-The Perfect Treat for Little Hands

It is summer time. Most families have indulged in Smores at one time of their life if they have ever gone camping. Smores are known as one of the best camp fire treats that are quick and easy and an enjoyable treat for all ages. But you do not have to limit your festivities and enjoy these delights only when out on the open fire. You can cook 'em up at home and play with all sorts of different varieties and flavors. My friend Lisa has a great website called I Love Smores where she takes you on a Read more [...]
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How to Make Donuts-Choosing the Best Donut Maker

One of the things I like to look for is projects that my little guys can do. Since we go to Tim Horton's way too often for coffee and donuts, I thought it would be a good idea to teach my boys how to make their own donuts. In this way, you can control the amount of sugar, and ingredients that go into them and skip all of the bad things like any preservatives or additives that could cause your children harm. There are several donut makers on the market today and trying to decide between them can Read more [...]
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Tips for Choosing the Best Games for Children

I recently went on the first vacation with my two little ones. It was a cross country venture in which we were going to be traveling by car for 12-16 hours. My children have never before driven anywhere so far and I was unsure of how they would do for staying still. My boys are quite active little guys and being made to sit still for so long could have become a major problem. When I first started planning for our trip, I realized that I would have to come up with plenty of things to entertain them Read more [...]
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Medicare supplement plans-Does Your Family Have One?

Going to the hospital and visiting the doctor can become a very expensive endeavor if you live in a country that does not have coverage from the government or a workplace. Preparing for any accidents is a must in this day and age. I recently was talking to a friend of mine who mentioned that her father who is a senior recently had to go check into the hospital and have an operation. After spending some time there and getting a bunch of different tests completed, he was released and sent home. A Read more [...]
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